Wanda Beach

Photo by Gary KS Lai

The northernmost patrolled beach in Bate Bay is Wanda Beach. Green Hills Ridge is the name given to the sand dunes just north of Wanda. The Wanda Surf Lifesaving Club was founded after World War II as a group of men banded together, as they did in warfare, to patrol the beaches. The club, located on Marine Esplanade, has grown in size to its current membership of over 900 members, ranging in age from fiveyearold Nippers to the original Founding Members. The club‘s primary objective is to patrol the beach in an effort to ensure safety of the surfing public. The club also participates actively in competition and has achieved excellent results at state and national competitions. Various social activities are organized throughout the year to bring together all members of the club. In 1965 Wanda Beach became notorious following the Wanda Beach Murders.

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