Discover Lake Eyre

Brisbane, Archerfield, Queensland

Lake Eyre Adventure with Sky Dance – A flying adventure out to Lake around some of Australia’s most beautiful outback and remote locations. Discover Australia!

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Brisbane, Archerfield, Queensland
Outback and Farm
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Traditionally named Kati Chanda – Lake Eyre is located in South Australia just south of the Simpson Desert. The lake is 1 140 000 square kilometres and it’s drainage basin extends all the way up to central Queensland, covering over 15% of the continent. The lake is divided by the Goyer Channel into a Northern and Southern lake, the lowest point being 15.2 metres below sea level. That is the lowest natural point in Australia. The maximum depth of Lake Eyre South however is just 3.7 metres deep, making it one of the more unique geological features of Australia.  

The Lake has been an important site for Aboriginal people for thousands of years. The lake is considered an important cultural site to the aboriginal / first nations people and because of the significance of this lake to them they are involved in its management and preservation.

In 1985 the Lake Eyre National Park was established. In 1967 Elliot Price of Muloorina Station donated the Elliot Price Conservation Area. This area is currently inaccessible to the public, but can be seen from the air. The whole conservation are and surrounding areas are absolutely magnificent to view from the air and it is an experience that is said to be remembered.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Depart Archerfield 12:00
Morree (fuel stop) 13:30
Arrive Cobar 15:15
Visit For Bourke Hill Lookout 15:45
Visit Cobar Heritage center
Dinner at Great Western Cobar Hotel
Cobar Crossroads Inn

Day 2

Continental Breakfast 07:00
Depart Cobar 08:00
Arrive Broken Hill 09:30
Broken Hill Minerals Museum 10:00
Brunch 10:45
Depart Broken Hill 11:30
Arrive Marree 13:00
Marree 1/2 day tour 14:30
Marree Hotel

Day 3

Breakfast 07:15
Maree tour 1/2 day 08:00
Lake Eyre Flight! 13:00
Arrive William Creek 15:00
William Creek Hotel

Day 4

Depart William Creek 08:30
Lake Eyre Flight!
Arrive Animal Sanctuary 09:45
Arrive Birdsville 12:00
Birdsville lunch 12:30
Visit Birdsville racecourse 13:30
Birdsville Museum
Birdsville Pub
Birdsville Accommodation

Day 5

Birdsville Bakery 07:15
Depart Birdsville 08:00
Arrive Winton 10:00
Dinosaur museum/ Barbeque 10:30
Depart Winton 13:00
Arrive Longreach 13:30
Stockmans hall of fame 14:00
Starlight riverboat cruise 16:30
Kinnon & Co Outback Lodges

Day 6

Qantas museum 08:00
Depart Longreach 09:45
Arrive Emerald 11:15 ( Fuel stop)
Arrive Bundaberg 13:15
Bundaberg tour  13:30
Depart Bundaberg 15:30
Arrive Archerfield 16:30


Brisbane, Archerfield, Queensland

Powered by:
Brisbane, Archerfield, Queensland
Outback and Farm
From price per



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