Some of your Questions:

Q.How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time and are not locked into any contacts with us.  Please contact our customer support team 4 days before the end of month. To cancel you subscription click here.

Q.Is my email private and secure?

Yes, this platform offers secure encrypted access to pop 3, IMAP and SMTP to ensure that the content of your email messages is kept as secure as possible. View our Privacy statement and our email platforms Privacy statement.

Q.Where are my emails stored and hosted?

Your data is stored in high security global data storage centres which have multiple backup facilities. Open SRS is accredited with ICANN accredited register.

Q.My requested email was not available?

If you would like to request a custom email that is not available. Please contact us here.

Q.Who is our email and mailbox host?

Open SRS email hosting with over 4 million users worldwide. OpenSRS works with the biggest and best hosting companies and service providers from over 150 countries around the world.