Trot Through Time

Hobart, Tasmania

If you love history, you’ll love this tour. Combining our Battery Point Jaunt and Waterfront Jaunt into a 1.5 hour tour which showcases the best Hobart has to offer.

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Hobart, Tasmania
Outback and Farm
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If you love history, you’ll love this tour.  This tour is an absolute favourite with Hobart’s visitors.  Combining our Battery Point Jaunt and Waterfront Jaunt into a 1.5 hour tour, showcasing the very best Hobart has to offer.  We’ll give you an in-depth commentary of Hobart’s fascinating history.  You can also combine the Trot Through Time with either our Romance or Tasmanian Indulgence Packages to really enjoy your taste of colonial history.  

We take in even more of the alluring streets of Battery Point, going places you’ll never get to in a bus or even find by driving!  You’ll really be immersed in the wonderful history of this fascinating place.  Your ears might even trick you into hearing the sounds of the shipwrights hammering and the haunting whalesong which once rang out over the Derwent.  It was once said you could cross from one side of the Derwent to the other on a whale’s back and the rich history of this amazing suburb reflects the importance of whaling to the fledgling colony.

Today, of course, we are keen to see the whales return to the Derwent again and the river is a playground now rather than a battleground for life and death.  You’ll look out over the sparkling deep natural river harbour from the top of Battery Point.  You’ll learn what a widow’s walk is and why they were so common back in the 1800s.  If the names of Errol Flynn and Field Marshall Montgomery are familiar to you, then you’ll be surprised to know they’re an important part of Battery Point’s history.

Moving over to the Waterfront, we come to the site of the colony’s first settlement.  Once a small island at the end of a sandy spit, Hunter Island is now Hunter Street and its graceful sandstone buildings belie its once grisly past where miscreant convicts were hung and their bodies left to rot in an iron cage as a grim warning to others.  The Waterfront is now a popular family area where fish and chips are the order of the day for dinner and the area sparkles with the glint of expensive super-maxi yachts during the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race.

Prices are for a minimum 2 adults on this tour.  Please choose the Group Price if you have 4 adults.  Group price is per person and limited to 5 adults on this tour.  Families welcome but we do recommend this tour for older children.  Child price is for children under 15.  Children under 2yo, travelling on laps, are free of charge.


Hobart, Tasmania

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Hobart, Tasmania
Outback and Farm
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