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Exmouth, Western Australia

Join the tour that won Gold Medal for Best Adventure Tour in WA. Come onboard and head out into the big blue of the Ningaloo to experience wonder interacting with whalesharks & whales, up very close and personal. With the best Guarantees.

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Exmouth, Western Australia
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Join Ningaloo Whaleshark Swim’s team of committed, fun-loving and friendly professionals for a day out on the Ningaloo Reef & experience wonder for yourself. Marvel at the size, grace and beauty of the biggest shark, and one of the biggest whales in the world – the humpback whale – as they cruise alongside you through the pristine waters of the Ningaloo Marine Park. 

There is so much more out there to enjoy and share with you too!  Our tour includes two free snorkels on the Ningaloo Reef for all onboard (corals of all shapes, sizes and colours, and also free snorkeling with manta rays we encounter during our tour as the opportunity arises.  (MUCH better than Coral Bay where you may have to pay extra for this privilege!) 

Each swimmer gets to select the best photo taken by our onboard photographer to take away with you for free.  

Having our own spotter plane means on average you will get to swim with a whaleshark for around 50% longer than the industry average (Parks and Wildlife monthly reports 2017).  Guests on a whaleshark tour that shares a spotter plane with other tours regularly have to wait in a line of boats for their turn to swim with a whaleshark or whale, and then have to get out to let customers on the next boat have a go.  NOT with us!  Our own plane means your own whaleshark.

We are also the only whaleshark and whale tour company to offer SCUBA dives on the Ningaloo Reef during your tour too – its one of the cheapest dives in Australia ($75) and offers a simple, easy fun-dive on the coral gardens of the inner Ningaloo Reef (5-7m of water)   Stunning corals and amazingly diverse sealife await (from huge shovel nosed rays to tiny nudibranches) – its perfect as a warmup if you havent dived for a while or just wanting to take the opportunity to get some bubbles into your bloodstream!;-)  

This tour is about swimming with a whaleshark and some stunning whale watching.  AND it offers you a MEGA FAUNA GUARANTEE that may be one of the best in the world if we can’t find you a whaleshark to swim with.  

No whalesharks to swim with on the day of your tour?  No problem.  Enter the water to swim with a humpback whale instead!  If we are unable to find you a whaleshark to swim with on the day of your tour, we will find humpback whales for you to enter the water and swim with instead!  (The average Ningaloo humpback whale is twice as long and three times as massive as the average Ningaloo whaleshark… so its not exactly a step backwards!)

The simple answer is very occasionally in late July, usually sometime during August or September, and if we are very lucky, in October.  (Whalesharks left in October in 2016 and 2017 so we are hopeful they may be staying around for longer… but we don’t know this for sure.)

Over the last decade the majority of whalesharks have started leaving the Ningaloo in late July (at the absolute earliest) through to October (in 2016 and 2017.)  When this happens really is up to Mother Nature.  

The good news is that the latest 2017 research has confirmed that a significant minority of whalesharks (20%) stay around the Ningaloo for months after most of the others have left – and indeed that there may be a permanent Ningaloo whaleshark population.  These are the whalesharks we are looking for during our Lost Whalesharks of the Ningaloo Eco Explorer Tour that we start running when most of the whalesharks have left.


Exmouth, Western Australia

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Exmouth, Western Australia
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